When one finds himself in a desperate need of cash and needs a way out of the humiliating problem, the first instinct one usually engages in is to borrow from friends or family members to assist with their problems. Sometimes, this is not the case for everybody as some people find it a hard thing having to borrow from family or friends to supply his needs and in some cases, families and friends are unable to help.

To assist with this, there are many firms who have realized this need and they have a reliable solution for these people and this is the concept of lending. One of the numerous firms who help with this is the bank. The bank is a trusted and reliable place where one can go borrow a loan but it is also a known thing that acquiring a loan from the bank is a long and tedious process and at times the loan is not given based on banks interest. This is a reason why people instead would choose to resort to a payday lender for a loan than from the bank.

The reason why many people today prefer the payday loan to the bank loan is as a result of many reasons and these reasons stand out as a strength in the services rendered by the payday services in comparison to the bank. The payday loan foremost is a quick way of getting cash and it doesn’t require much documentation as opposed to bank loans. A payday loan applied today could be gotten today and in most cases, the loan is given within minutes of application, it does not take up to a day. There was a time when the bank gave loan quickly than they did now but as a result of failing economy and other economic factors, the banks don’t give loans as they did aforetime.

The payday loan is a great lifesaver and given the numerous people who patronize the firms, it can be said that the payday loan is reliable, given the numerous number of graduates who have no employment and the many numbers of people earning lower than they use in a normal month. The payday loan has contributed to the continual survival of people despite the increasing cost of living and the host of other economic factors. The payday loan is playing a major role in the assistance of people than the bank is doing. The banks are only concerned with the amount of interest they would accrue from a customer and all the benefits they can derive from their customer’s contribution. They are strict with giving loans and as such, they cannot be trusted when one needs to lend money for a matter of urgency.