Guide to Pug pullover hoodie

Pug is a breed of medium-sized and robust dogs that were originally used as herders on farms. Their original use was for hunting purposes, however in recent years their popularity has been soaring high and they are now widely used as pets. A Pug pullover hoodie is the ultimate solution to keeping your pug safe and warm in winters and also during summers. Its pull over hood and collar protects the pug’s face and head from getting wet especially during the spring and fall seasons. This prevents sudden fall of temperature at the front side of your dog.

Even though the Pug’s original use has been for herders, you can use it for any other purposes. The hoodie is not only fit for the pug, but can also be worn by other small breeds of dogs like the Chihuahua and the teacup pug. They are washable so even if they get dirty they can easily be cleaned and dried. Most of these hoodies come with a removable hood that can be washable if it gets dirty.

These hoodies come in different designs, colors and prints. Most of them are made of fleece that is why your dog will feel comfortable in it. Hoodies are not only made of fleece but are also made of soft cotton and some are even made of silk. All kinds of bugs are great to have because they are very protective and faithful to their masters.